Gulahalan 6

Dialog 1
At the elder care facility

-Good morning, aunt Risten!
-Good morning!
-How are you doing?
-I’m doing well. Anything new?
-Nothing to hear. Here is your medicine.
First take the medicine, I’ll get the water.
-Thanks a lot!

Dialog 2
At the elder care facility, part 2

-Today Jusse is coming. It’s time to get dressed.
Are you going to wear the dressy gákti?
- No, I’m not. I’m going to wear the lightweight green one.
-Here you go.
-What scarf will you wear?
-I’ll wear the yellow scarf, all sharp and well dressed.

Dialog 3
At the elder care facility, part 3

-Here are socks and shoes.
-Help me outside now!
-Right now I don’t have the time. I’m going to aunt Sire.
-Go ahead! I’ll manage fine.
-Bye! (lit: stay well)
-Bye! (lit: go well)

Dialog 4
In the car

-Are you driving home?
-No, I’m filling up the tank first.
-Buy the paper!
-Remember the ice cream!
-I remember, but I’m not buying the paper, read the paper at home!
-Do I need to wash the car?
-That you don’t need to do, but wash the windshield!
-Sire, can you wash the windshield?
-I can’t, you wash it yourself! Drive home now, mom!

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Lule Sami language lessons - Sámásta dialog 1

Sámásta is an online Lule Sami (julevsáme) language course with dialogs and audio. Sámásta is produced by UR, a Swedish public broadcasting company, the same one that brings you Gulahalan, the North Sami lessons which we also translate here on our blog. The dialogs on the website are given in Lule Sami, in the left column, and Swedish on the right. For English speakers wishing to learn Lule Sami, translations are provided below. Click on a link below to see and hear the Lule Sami for each of the four parts of dialog 1.

dialog 1, part 1
– Would you like more cake?
– Yes, we would.
– Here come some guests

– The girls are driving.
– The boys are skiing.
– Cousin Márjjá is the driver.

– Here come the cousins.
– Which ones?
– Lássi, Nijlas, Risstin and Márjjá
– How are they getting here?
– The boys are skiing, and the girls are driving.
– Márjjá is the driver.

dialog 1, part 2
- Will you drink more coffee?
– Yes, we will.
– Will you eat more cake?
– Yes.

– Now kids, do you drink milk?
– Yes, is there any more cake?
– Yes.
– Thanks, we are going out now.

dialog 1, part 3
– How are they doing in Jokkmokk?
– They are doing well over there.
– How is it gong with the kids?
– The girls are going to school, Lássi, Máhttu Ámmá are working.
– Where do they work?
– Lássi is in business, Máhttu is a grammar school teacher, and Ámmá has reindeer. He’s a reindeer owner.

– Are you already living in the new house?
– We still live at the old house, but soon we will move into the new house.
– Who do you have as builders?
– I have my father’s brother Ánndaris and cousin Häjkka as builders.
– Yeah, so then it’s really going to be a house!
– Won’t you come and visit our place?
– Of course, we will come visit you after we move into the new house.

dialog 1, part 4
– Here come even more guests.
– Who is coming.
– Uncle Vuollá, his wife Ánni, and their child.

– Hi
– Hi
– So, how are you doing?
– We are well, and you?
– We are doing well.

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