Puma releases Sami themed sneaker

Puma has collaborated with the Swedish sneaker shop Sneakers N Stuff to create a Sami inspired sneaker. The company, based in Stockholm, says that in designing the shoe, it hopes "to educate the world about the Scandinavian natives and tribute the first people of Northern Europe." This latest in Puma's "Clyde" line was released as a limited edition collector's item on August 18- only six hundred pairs were made.

The shoes are made of reindeer leather and feature the Sami flag on the inside (above,) a reindeer logo on the back heel, and have laces, lining, and a carrying bag with patterns meant to resemble Sami embroidery. See numerous views of the shoe here and here

5% of the sales for this shoe will be given to Saminuorra, Sami Youth Organization.
When Puma Norway recently learned that former vice president of the Samediggi in Norway, Johan Mikkel Sara, has gone by the nickname "Puma" ever since he was the first boy in Guovdageainnu to own a pair, they decided to send him two pairs of shoes for all his help with brand recognition over so many years. However, he will not be presented with the Sami sneaker, on the grounds that they are "too exclusive" and not available from Puma Norway. But he and the general public are free to buy the sneakers for a mere $250 USD. "Puma" says he may consider it.

(photo: sneakers n stuff)



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