Gulahalan 6

Dialog 1
At the elder care facility

-Good morning, aunt Risten!
-Good morning!
-How are you doing?
-I’m doing well. Anything new?
-Nothing to hear. Here is your medicine.
First take the medicine, I’ll get the water.
-Thanks a lot!

Dialog 2
At the elder care facility, part 2

-Today Jusse is coming. It’s time to get dressed.
Are you going to wear the dressy gákti?
- No, I’m not. I’m going to wear the lightweight green one.
-Here you go.
-What scarf will you wear?
-I’ll wear the yellow scarf, all sharp and well dressed.

Dialog 3
At the elder care facility, part 3

-Here are socks and shoes.
-Help me outside now!
-Right now I don’t have the time. I’m going to aunt Sire.
-Go ahead! I’ll manage fine.
-Bye! (lit: stay well)
-Bye! (lit: go well)

Dialog 4
In the car

-Are you driving home?
-No, I’m filling up the tank first.
-Buy the paper!
-Remember the ice cream!
-I remember, but I’m not buying the paper, read the paper at home!
-Do I need to wash the car?
-That you don’t need to do, but wash the windshield!
-Sire, can you wash the windshield?
-I can’t, you wash it yourself! Drive home now, mom!

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