Reindeer luck

When princess Märtha Louise visited Finnmark seven years ago the Eira family gave her a white reindeer as a gift. They are among the largest reindeer owners in Finnmark and are featured in an eight-part docu-series on Norwegian TV beginning in February. The reindeer was named Star on the Forehead. Märtha Louise received her in 2001, but since that time it has become six animals – soon an entire herd. Ole Mathis comments “In her flock there are four females, one young and three a bit older. We expect a calf from the young one next year. She may be four reindeer richer next year, and at this rate could become one of the largest owners in Finnmark,” adding “All of my reindeer receive the royal treatment.”
Sami Radio

Watch the series in the NRK archives. In Sami and Norwegian, but worth checking out for
Sápmi photography .



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