Gulahalan 5

We will be translating some of the lessons from Gulahalan, a multimedia North Sami language course. You will need to visit the site in order to play the sound files, and you can use the English translations on this page as you listen to the dialogs. The Gulahalan website is only compatible with Internet Explorer.

Dialog 1
Ánne on a school trip, part 1

-Hello, my girl! Where are you calling from?
-I’m calling from Guovdageainnu.
-How’s the trip going?
-It’s going well. Can you call back?
-Sure, I can do that. I see you are not on your cell phone.
-No, I’m not, I’m at this number...

Dialog 2
Ánne on a school trip, part 2

-Hi again. How’s it going at home?
-It’s going well. What are you doing in Guovdageainnu.
-I just got back from the store.
-Where will you be tomorrow?
-I’ll be in Kárášjohka. I’m going to a concert.
-What’s the weather like there?
-It’s very warm here. I could fall asleep just like that.

Dialog 3
Ánne on a school trip, part 3

-Where are you staying?
-I’m staying at the hotel. Are you home alone?
-No, I’m not. Nephew is home too.
-Is dad out with the reindeer?
-No, he’s not. He is in Giron (Kiruna.) Enjoy the rest of your trip!

Dialog 4
Sami flag day

-Today is Sami flag day. So I’m going to fly the Sami flag.
-What colors does the Sami flag have?
-Blue, red, yellow, and green.
-Do you have a gákti?
-I do! I have three gáktis. One is grey, one is black, and one is white.

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This is wonderful, thank you!
I've just started learning Saami, and these English translations are really helpfull, i look forward to the next lesson!

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