Sami phrases

There are several resources for learning Sami online, most of them are not directed at English speakers. We will translate and feature some of the lessons from time to time. All other web resources for learning Sami from English are found on our Sami language page.

Infonuorra (Sami youth organization in Norway) has now made available a handy glossary of phrases, including sound files, in three of the Sami languages. However, this is aimed at Norwegian speakers, below are the English phrases with their Sami counterparts- click on a phrase to hear the Sami.

Language key:

N- North Sami (Davvisámegiella)

S- South Sami (Åarjel saemie giele)

L- Lule Sami (Julevsámegiella)

Good day

N- Buorre Beaivvi

S- Buerie biejjie

L- Buoris

My name is...

N- Mu namma lea…

S- Mov nomme…

L- Muv namma l…

Where are you from?

N- Gos leat eret?

S- Gubpede datne båatah?

L- Gåsstå la?

How old are you?

N- Man boaris don leat?

S- Man båeries datne?

L- Man vuoras la (dån)?

I love you
N- Mun ráhkistan du

S- Manne datnem eahtsam
L- Mån æhtsáv duv

See you later

N- Oaidnaleapmái

S- Råekien (to one person), råekebe (to more than one person)

L- Vuojnnalin (to one person), vuojnnalip (to more than one person)

Bye/Take care

N- Báze dearvan(Stay well - to those who are staying) or Mana dearvan (Go well - to those who are leaving)

S- Nåå nåå

L- Hivás



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