Sámi skuvlahistorjá (Sami school history)

"Sami school history is the story of the Sami pupils’ encounter with a school of which they knew little or nothing, of parents distraught over having to send their children into an unknown environment at the age of seven and of teachers who shared no common language with their pupils. It is also the story of how Sami teachers, parents, pupils and politicians have fought for a school based on the pupils’ own language and culture. It is the story of the authorities’ stubborn attempts, for a century or more, to wipe out the Sami language and culture, of the efforts, in more recent times, to use school as a means of revitalizing the Sami language and culture in heavily Norwegianized areas, and much, much more."

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Árran's translation of another one of the stories: School Memories, by Hans Hansen, from Árran #44



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