Sami historical texts

There are several excerpts of historical texts online

Lapponia, by Johannes Schefferus, 1673

Historia Norwegiae
"Historia Norwegiae is a Latin-language history of Norway written in the second half of the twelfth century. In the chapter describing the Sámi is found the oldest description of the Sámi drums and their use." Also the earliest known writing on shamanism of any kind. c. 1160-1175

"But towards north many pagan tribes - alas! - stretch from the east behind Norway, namely Karelians (Kiriali) and Kvens (Kwæni), corneous Sami people (cornuti Finni) and both peoples of Bjarmia (utrique Biarmones). But what tribes dwell behind them, have we no certainty."

Concerning the Lapps and the Finns
From Nordlands Trompet by Peter Dass, 1691

The Kola Lapps
From The Red Book of the Peoples of the Russian Empire



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