Lars Pirak

Remembering Lars Pirak
7.27.1932 – 10.02.2008

Lars Pirak, one of the pioneers and leaders within Sami the art world, has left us. He was descended from the known Lule Sami author Anta Pirak, and with both Lule and North Sami roots he became a cultural carrier of the first rank. He was one of the very first who brought traditional Sami handicrafts, duodji, into craft as art with groundbreaking ingenious work that will remain some of the best examples of Sami usable art. With his well-rounded education he developed his skills in sculpting, drawing, graphics and painting in both oil and watercolor. I especially value his watercolor landscapes and his etchings with reindeer as motif. He became a distinguished observer of his environment, and his artwork and duodji quickly became sought after, making him somewhat of a legend. His work is represented in museums and galleries throughout the world. My thoughts go out to his wife Astri and their children and family: peace over Lars Pirak’s memory.

Ptarmigan salt dishes (photo Lars Jamemo)

Portions of an article by Hans Ragnar Mathisen (his drawing of Lars Pirak from 09.17.1977 ©Keviselie)

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